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Coin Operated Game Replacement Parts & Castings

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A.B.T. Gun (Any Style) Repair & Rebuild 5873-G
Kicker Catcher "S" Casting

Fits Baker and Frantz Games

Brass Sand Casting Made From Baker's Original Tooling

Stock #7398
 Coin Operated Shooting Gallery Aluminum Head Casting Stock #4003
1930's Penny Shooting Gallery Doughboy Front Casting A.B.T. Stock #4022
A.B.T. "Total Score"  Shooting Gallery ~ Target Face Plate

OLD Original A.B.T. Stock

Stock #4410
Coin Op Skill Game Shooting Gallery Marquis A.B.T. 1925 Stock #3487
Trade Stimulator Handle 5 Inch Aluminum w/ Back Sprag Stock #3495
Bally Baby and 21 Vendor ~ Back Door Casting Stock #4205
Coin Operated ~ Pepsi-Cola Game Marquis Sign Stock #3486
Coin Operated ~ Coca-Cola Game Marquis Sign Stock #5648
Kicker Catcher Coin Op Game 1930 Baker ~ Kicker Casting Stock #6350
5 ~ ABT Coin Slide 1950s Universal 3 Hole Mount UNUSED Stock #6142
Standard 3 Inch Thumb Slide Flip Handle Stock #6373
Coin –Op Machine Handle ~ 5 Inch A.B.T. Actuator Style Stock #6371
10 Coin Slide ~ 1950’s “Heath Sales Co.”

For Old Coin Op Machines

Stock #7180
Canadian Coin Acceptor ~ US Coins Too ~ Slug Release Stock #7181
We carry most Mechanism Parts for the

Frantz & Baker Kicker Catcher

Stock # X
Whiz Ball Machine Marquis

Painted & Predrilled, Ready to Mount

Stock #7344
Bat-A Ball Marquis

For the smaller games ~ 7 inches wide

Stock #3488
Baseball Game Marquis

For the Larger games ~ 11 Inches wide

Stock #7351
A.B.T. Plastic Top Bonnet

Fits Challenger, Your Score, Total Score, Strike-A-Lite

Stock # 7352

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