How To Order

To save you money, we did not buy the expensive, shopping cart style software.

We keep it simple. Orders are accepted by email.     Our Order email box is


Please put your Name and shipping address on the top 2 lines.

Put the email address associated with your PayPal Account on the next line.

You can order 1 to 25 items on each order. Please use a new line for each item.

Give the quantity, The eSnarf Stock Number and a Description of each item on it's own line.

Email it to

Below is an example.

Bob Buyer

95 Nesbit Lane, Rochester Hills Michigan   61063


1 - #342 - Mail Pouch Thermometer

3 - #4913 - Tin Pop Pop Boats

1 - #5107 - American Girl Cosmetics Set


We will send a PayPal invoice to the email address you provided within a day.

Questions? email to