Ordering from VintageVille

In keeping with the 50's era concept of Vintageville, we wanted to make placing an order simple and effective. We know you don't want fancy electronic shopping carts or .pdf pages to download. We decided the best way was to do it like they did in the 1950's Sears catalog.  An old fashioned Order Form. To get to our order form, click where you see this;   Click here to order  It will open a new browser window with our order form blank on it. This way you can toggle back and forth from the catalog to the order form without losing your place in the catalog.

If you are ordering for delivery outside USA, please click for the international order form at the top of the standard order form page. We accept Personal Checks, Money orders, etc. or, if you prefer to pay with Credit Cards or through Paypal, we also send a PayPal invoice.

Don't get confused by the PayPal invoice trying to get your business. Their invoice will say, "We prefer to get paid by PayPal"  ~ but this is not true.

We Prefer to be paid by whatever method our customer feels the most comfortable with. If you prefer checks or money orders, just print out the VintageVille invoice and send it along with your check or money order. If you prefer PayPal, just open your PayPal account, click on the "Send Money" tab at the top, and it will prompt you through the process. For PayPal payments please use our receiving email address of catalog@esnarf.com as the recipient.

All Orders receive an instant email "Order Confirmation" within 10 minutes of placing order.  If you do not receive one,  please check your Spam Blocker or Junk Mail box to ensure you can receive mail from Order@esnarf.com  and  Catalog@esnarf.com

How the Order Form Works

The order form looks just like the standard catalog form you were used to before computers took over. Like the Sears or Penny's catalog order form. It has a place at the top for your name, shipping address and email. It has columns for Quantity, Item Stock Number, Item Description in words, and Item Price. Just fill it out as you go. When you are finished shopping, just click the button at the bottom of the page to review your order. That will totalize it and show you what you are ordering. At this time you can still change your order. The total does not yet include shipping. Here's why.

When you click "Submit Order" The order blank is electronically sent to our order processing center. We will immediately (within 10 minutes) email back to you a confirmation of your order without shipping charges yet calculated. (If you do not receive it, please check your spam blocker) We combine items to give you the lowest possible shipping price on your order. It takes us up to 24 hours to process your order this way. 

Once we have calculated the actual shipping charges, we will email you a final VintageVille invoice and A PayPal invoice. The choice of payment method is yours! You can pay from the final VintageVille invoice or use the PayPal invoice. Either print out the final VintageVille invoice and mail it to us with your check or money order, or refer to the invoice number and pay us through Paypal (Credit Cards use your PayPal account). It's that easy!

Non USA Shipments welcome!

Click here for USA Order Form   ~   Click Here for International Order Form