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Cottage Cheese 1955

Waxed Round Container and Lid



Cottage Cheese Dairy Container Tubs ~ Set of 6 ~ 1950’s Stock #6178

1950's Milk Cap Inner Bottle Seal

Set of 25 Different




Vintage Canned Milk Labels with Cows

Set of 10 Different




25 Milk Bottle Caps

Colorful Dairy Collection 1950's




20 Milk Bottle Paper Caps

Colorful Collection 1950's



Drive-In Soda Fountain

Car Hop Paper Ice Cream Hat 1963


# 976

1920's Butter Box

Colorful Waxed Autumn Leaf Creamery


# 3463

1930's Waxed Butter Box

Colorful Dairy Farm Picture


# 943

1930's Butter Box

Colorful Wax Cardboard ~ Iowa Brand


# 942

1950's Butter Box

Cows in a Mountain Pasture

Stock  #5649
Bottle Shaped Sign ~ Hickory Hills Dairy Sweet Cream Stock #5522
Steel Buttermilk Bottle Sign ~ Hickory Hills Dairy Buttermilk Stock #5521
Steel Milk Bottle Sign ~ Hickory Hills Dairy Milk Stock # 5521B
Bottle Shaped Sign ~ Brookside Farm Dairy Cream Stock #5522B
Half Pint Bottle ~ Brown Glass ~ Clover Leaf Dairy Shamrock Stock #4404
1958 Anderson Dairy ~ Paper Hat ~ Milk Man & Ice Cream Stock #5787

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