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Toilet  Bank

Loud Realistic Flushing Sound


This bank looks like a miniature toilet. Realistic details like a hinged seat, flushing lever, etc. You throw your coin(s) in the pot, they sit there until you push the flush lever, then Away they go, complete with an authentic flushing sound!

First made in the late 1960’s, this realistic looking toilet has been re-created with a loud electronic flushing sound when you flip the lever and flush your money down the drain! The base holds a large number of coins that can be removed from the bottom access plug. Ideal for someone who throws money down the drain! Still in the original box. Stands 7 inches tall and 5 inches across. It’s heavy, 2 Lbs shipping weight. Buyer pays actual priority mailing depending on Zip code.


Esnarf Item #3525  Price . . . $37.85

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