Wind Up Clockwork Motorized Mechanism

Thing Toilet Bank

Hand Jumps Out of Lid & Snatches Coin

This is an exceptional toilet! It looks innocent enough, but place a coin on the front rim and watch out! The lid pops open, a hand at the end of a long scrawny arm reaches out, snatches the coin into the toilet bowl and shuts the lid. It happens so fast it’s frightening! One winding is good for at least 2 dozen cycles. Takes any size coin. This is one of those things we will sell out of fast and you will want one. Looks like a miniature toilet. 4 inches high and 6 inches long. This is a gag you’ll leave on the coffee table for quite a while. You never get tired of the morbid reactions from people. It has a small door on the bottom to get the coins out. Brand new, old stock. This Vintage gag is still in the original store package.

Esnarf Item . #5551 Price . . $17.85

SORRY . . . . . SOLD OUT

1 Lb. mailing weight.     Buyer pays for priority mail based on Zip Code.


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