Pin Up Girl

Slide Viewers ~ Key Chains

Store Display ~ 1950’s

This set of 12 different semi nude slide viewers each feature an Elvgren Pin-Up. They each feature a different Gil Elvgren Pin Up Girl Classic. Featuring exceptional pretty girls in lacy underwear and high heels, or Beautiful women in heels and skirt sitting on the floor, with her dress up showing off her fancy garter belt and pretty legs.



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The image looks much larger and more vivid when held to the eye.

All the viewers have advertising for a pool hall on one side. They say, Avon Recreation ~ Billiards - Pool ~ Rochester OL-14371. Each is 2 inches long and has a little lens on one end, and a white translucent piece on the other end to evenly backlight illuminate the image.

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You also get the Store Display Easel Card that holds all 12 viewer key chains. It stands 11 inches tall and has punched die cut features that display all 12 viewers. Across the top it says, Pin Up Girl Slide Viewer ~ Key Chains, and has a scantily clad lady, all surrounded by the sprocket holes of a film clip. No folds or nips, some age fading. The back has two fold out stands with lockdown tabs to sit firmly on the store countertop. Never been used. It also has a top center hole for hanging it on the wall.

You get it all!

12 different Elvgren pin up girl slide viewers,

all featuring different scenes

and the Counter Top Store Display Card.

All in Perfect Condition.

BONUS  ~  They made 14 Different Images.

Only 12 fit the Display Board.

We Will Toss In the Extra 2 FREE! ~ 14 Viewers Total!


Esnarf # 4206

Price . . . . $79.00

1 Lb. shipping weight. Buyer pays actual priority mailing depending on Zip code.

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