1940’s Pin-Up Girl ~ Advertising Ink Blotters

These distinctive relics of the 1940’s have elegant color pin up girl graphics, Done by one of the Pin-up Masters, Joyce Ballantyne. Exceptional graphics of pretty gals sitting in provacative ways. A 1940’s classic pin up Artist, Joyce Ballantyne is a noteworthy pin-up artist. She captured a fresh, real sensuality in her subjects, and a palpable sense of fun. Her vivid advertising oils include Coppertone's little girl whose bathing suit is being tugged off by a playful puppy. Her one-time instructor was Gil Elvgren. These pin-ups are on a 6 inch by 3 inch, thick stock, laminate printed, 1940’s card ink blotter.

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Ink Blotters were popular from the 1800’s through the 1950’s when fountain ink pens were predominant. The ink would stay wet for several minutes, so a “blotter” was used on signatures, etc. to absorb the excess ink. They are soft and absorbent on the back and the front was often used for displaying advertising.  Similar to calendars, matches and business cards, they were a favorite “give-a-way” media for advertisers from the late 1800’s through the mid 1950’s. Most were used and tossed. Survivors with interesting advertising are scarce.

These are from; G. W. Talman Building Sand, Fill, Clay. Serving Wilmington Over 20 Years. It has a 4 digit phone number in Wilmington, N.C. The detailed colorful graphics are a wonderful examples of 1940’s pinup art. Be sure to look below at the quality of the front graphics. Definitely all time Pin Up’s Classics! No folds, No nips, No fading, No nothin’. Perfect Unused Condition. Genuine 1940’s item.

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Esnarf # 4228

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Esnarf # 4230

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Esnarf # 4232





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Esnarf # 4233

Esnarf # 4277

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Esnarf # 4280

Esnarf # 4281

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