Flipbooks and How they Work

Flipbooks, sometimes called Flip Books or Penny Movies are small books with up to 40 pages. Each page has an image that changes slightly from one page to the next, like frames in a movie. When you "flip" through all the pages the changing image appears like a movie and you see what appears to the eye as motion. You can see people walking, buildings going up, cars driving, dancing and other action scenes. They have been in use for well over 100 years and preceded the movie projector which Thomas Edison invented using the same principle. The books listed below show just a short part of the sequence of the whole book so you can get the idea of the subject matter of the total action sequence. You will need to have the book to see the whole sequence. Click on the flipbook you are interested in to see a portion of the action sequence. Courtesy of  www.VintageVille.net

Risqué (Topless) Flipbooks

Miss Polka Dot

Tantalizing Tessie

The Disc Girl

The Sombrero Kid


Girl Skipping Rope

Courtesy of www.vintageville.net