"Somewhere in the Past"

VintageVille is a virtual internet village packed full of vintage goods. It's business district is on Main Street, with several side streets and a railroad crossing through town. It is laid out like many small Midwestern towns in the 1950's. It is about 3 or 4 blocks long on Main Street, and has typical stores and businesses usually found in a Village this size a half century ago. The stores are laid out the way you remember them. They have departments, aisles and shelves. They are stocked with vintage merchandise that is all for sale. Each item has it's own page with photos and a thorough description. When you click on an item, it's own page will pop up on your screen.

We try to impart the actual feeling of being there in the past, walking through the town, browsing through a store or establishment of interest, looking around and perhaps peruse down a few aisles picking up items to look at it and examine. Just like you used to do. Every item has it's own page for clear photos and an accurate, and a complete, concise description and price. It feels like you are holding it in your hand. We want you to have the experience of shopping in the past and being able to closely inspect the merchandise. This is not an auction! These items are in stock and ready for delivery. 

Obviously, our items are all of limited quantity. When they are gone, we can get no more. Order early to avoid disappointments. We hope you enjoy your visit to VintageVille. Bookmark us and visit often.  Our items are continuously changing. Please feel free to e-mail us with recommendations or questions, and be sure to tell your friends. We are always seeking quantities of merchandise for our stores. We pay fair prices and will travel to get quantities of good merchandise. We buy a lot of merchandise from Pickers.  Pickers are people who make the flea market, auction and garage sale circuits buying items for resale. Pickers should feel free to contact us anytime with quality merchandise in quantities. We prefer to buy from 12 to 100 of a vintage item at a time for our warehouses. Because of our concise and accurate descriptions and photos, unless an item is defective, we do not accept returns.

VintageVille is an enterprise created by eSnarf.com, an internet retailer. We operate out of a historic building in Downtown Pecatonica, Illinois. Pecatonica is about halfway between Chicago and Galena. It's a pleasant stop with interesting shops and many fine eateries. VintageVille does not offer in-store sales. All of our sales are done on the internet, directly from our warehouse to you. We have been in business since 1997. Sometimes we list special items on eBay. Our eBay moniker is Colini  Please feel free to check out our eBay items and rating. We are proud of our record for happy and satisfied customers. We can be reached by mail at eSnarf.com, Box 277, Pecatonica, IL 61063. 

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