1930's ~ Cigarettes Winner Award Token

Jennings Trade Stimulator 

1930’s ~ National Smokers Association

This token is smaller than a dime. On one side it says, National Smokers Association. On the other side it says, Membership 1754 ODJ. ODJ was the initials of the O.D. Jennings company. They were the second largest manufacturer of Trade Stimulators and Slot machines in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This award token was vended out by one of their Cigarette Trade Stimulators from the 1930’s. If you hit the winning combination, the machine would dispense this token to you. The player could trade the token in at the location for a pack of free cigarettes!

The “National Smokers Association Membership” was a way to get around the gambling laws. It was a sham organization set up to give their members free smokes. To get a membership token, you had to play the trade stimulator and win one. The number in the center of the token would match the serial number of the Trade Stimulator machine. These tokens are in perfect condition because they were found in the payout tube of an old trade stimulator that sat unused for over a half century. Two are shown in the photo so you can see both sides. You are getting one. These are extremely rare. If you have a token vendor Jennings Trade Stimulator, you need this token for it to be complete.

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