1940's Spark-O-Matic

Action Horse Race

Saloon Gambling Game

Exciting Action game commonly found in Taverns, Pool Halls, Cigar Stores, etc. Early 1940's (note the Buy U.S. War Bonds seal). One of the famous Spark-O games. It's a 3 inch by 8 inch paper that is specially treated like flash paper. You touch a lighted cigarette to the starting star, and off they go!! 6 individual traces burn, smolder and sputter their way zig zaging up the race course, leaving a distinct black trail behind them.

Sometimes they almost go out and rekindle to sputter a little farther. It takes 10 to 25 seconds for the first one to reach the finish line! If you look closely at the scan you will see the individual trails the horses will run. Fairly straight for the first 2 lengths, but the last 2 lengths it's anyone's race as they meander back and forth in their lane following the treated trace of paper. The patrons would take bets, with the looser buying the next round, or in the case of a single player the proprietor would give a free beer or cigar or game of pool if the customer predicted the correct winning horse! Each Race has a different Outcome!

Perfect Condition!   

These sold out, but we found more. Read below.

Old Esnarf Item . #860 ~ Sold Out Price . . $17.00 Each ~ Sold Out



We sold out of over 50 of these several years ago.

↓ We Just Found Some More ! ↓

Not just one Single sheet like before though. These are the same things. The only difference is the Horses names. They come 5 sheets in an envelope. Someone tucked the envelope flap in and the back horse race stuck to the gum on the envelope sometime since the 1940's, but the front 4 of them are good, and if you are real careful, you can remove the one stuck to the envelope gum. The envelope is printed on the front with the horse race. Photo Below. Each Race has a different outcome!

Your are getting 4 good ones, each race has a different outcome. You also get the original envelope, and one you might be able to salvage that is stuck to the envelope.

Note the Buy US War Bonds Ad in the lower left corner!


Esnarf Item # 860 Price $27.85 per envelope

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