1950’s Japanese Import

Crystal Radio Set

Warehouse Find ~ Unopened in Original Box

Not a toy. This small (3 by 2 by 1 inch) radio needs no batteries. It is a “Crystal Radio Set” and works on a Germanium Crystal Diode. It actually pulls its own power out of the air from the AM radio waves to operate. The 1950’s Japanese crystal radios have a collectors following of their own because they are so unique. Rarely do we find several dozens of one type “Still in the Original, Unopened, Dime Store Box”.

It is simple to operate. It has an ear plug for listening. It also has a “Ground” clip attachment. Just clip onto a good electrical ground to attract the AM radio waves out of the sky. A gas pipe, water pipe, etc. Anything that has a metal rod going deep into the ground will do. The antenna is also one of the wires that goes to the earplug. It is designed to pick up any AM radio station that is nearby, and some of the powerful AM Stations it can pick up for miles. Because the earplug antenna wire is only a few feet long, weak or distant stations sometimes won’t come in well. However a longer antenna wire is all that is needed! It is simple to add an auxiliary antenna.

NO BATTERY OR ELECTRICITY EVER NEEDED. This clever little radio comes with complete instructions. Because it works on the minute power it gets from the radio air waves, it will not work in a metal building. If you want to listen to farther stations, or live in a metal building, there is a place on the radio to connect an antenna extension. A thorough explanation of how it works, and connecting it up, can be read on the bottom 3 paragraphs of the instruction sheet.

There is no guarantee that you live close enough to an AM station to receive it loudly. These were recommended in the early 1960’s for bomb shelters because they need no electricity. In the early 1950’s, they understood this technology well enough to make a reliable unit. Some Other Brands of Japan Crystal radios have minute "contact marks' where the rubber earphone wire came into contact with the incompatible hard plastic case. This radio has one only about an inch or so on the back, from where the rubber earphone wire came out of the back, and ran straight down out of the baggie. Does not affect the operation. They packaged the radio in a clear baggie and coiled the earplug wires at the bottom of the box, so the hard plastic radio does not come into contact with them. Clever Japanese Product!  You get the next one, AS IS, Right from the Large Wholesale Box, just like the Dime Store stocked them in the 1950’s!

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