Exploding Match Gag

1960’s Smokers Trick

Full Store Display ~ Exploding Matches


1960’s Gag Smokers Trick Store Display Card Full

This classic gag still fools them! It is an ordinary looking pack of matches. The back row is regular matches, BUT the front row bangs with a small explosion just after you light them! This timeless prank is no longer available, except for the few cards we have with the matches on it.

Each store display card has 12 packs of the trick matches. The back row are regular matches. The front row are all gimmicked and will make a small explosion (About like a cap) a few moments after lighting it. Imagine the surprise your friends will get when they ask for a light. You light one out of the back row and hand them the pack.

The card is 11 inches high and 5 inches wide. It has typical novelty graphics at the top


Has 12 complete packs of the trick matches ~ You get the whole card full for one money.




Esnarf Item . #7388 Price . . . . $14.85


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