Old Logo ~ Navy Blue Background

Pioneer Seed Corn

Old Fashioned Waterslide Decal 11 Inches Long

This old fashioned, waterslide decal mounts from either the front or the back of glass or any smooth surface. It’s graphics are the famous old logo for Pioneer corn, with the navy blue background, and the ear of corn at an angle. It says Pioneer Seed Corn. 11 inches wide, and 11 inch ear of corn. The graphics are 7 inches high. Excellent details. Perfect condition. This style of decal was used back when most seed dealers were farmers too. They would put this inside their window or on the outside of their silo.

Most Grain Elevators and seed dealers sold Pioneer Seed Corn, and this was the graphics they used to advertise that fact. Pioneer abandoned the Blue color decades ago, and went to a Green color and eliminated the ear of corn. This looks great framed, or if you sell pioneer it will still mount on the inside or outside of your window. These were kept inside a dry, constant temperature area, and still mount easily. No age cracks, no scratches, not old. We can ship it on a hardback cardboard, sealed in plastic in a manila envelope and send it first class.  We combine shipping to save you $$$.

Esnarf Item . #7348 Price . . . . $9.85

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