Hi Impedance Carbon

Earphone Button Plug ~ Pillow Speaker

65 Ohms w/Jack & 3 Inch Pigtail


This 1960’s, unused Carbon style Earphone / Speaker is about 65 ohms. Ideal for a pillow speaker or headphone. Durable all metal construction. It has a twin pin jack and a 3 inch twisted pair with a mating plug. The plug stays tight, and has a 1 inch strain relief at the jack end. This is durable military quality. Hi quality flat response sound, ideal for voice or music.

Because it has a high impedance, you can also hook it directly to a digital TTL circuit and hear the frequency or your signals. It will connect to most TVs, Radios and Stereo’s. (For stereo, order two). It is inch diameter, ⅜ inch thick. The jack plug comes out on the side. It will sit in your ear like it is, or you can replace a headphone earpiece.



Esnarf Item . #7332 Price . . . . $4.85


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