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Pedal Tractor Universal Fit Scoop Seat

Mounting Features Allow for Fitting Most Kids Pedal Toys


This scoop seat is designed with features that allow for fitting most pedal tractors and kids pedal rides, Even Teeter Totters! More commonly used on Case pedal tractors including the Model 30, but it fits most other styles, manufacturers and mounting methods. Here is a photo of the underside.

The bolt holes are supplied undrilled because some configurations use one spot or the other. Some even use both. Super heavy duty, extra thick solid, highly polished aluminum, won’t rust or corrode. Rounded “Scoop” Shaped with a slight leg separator. Comfortable. Rolled Lip edge sides and back. This is the most commonly used scoop seat. It has a 3 inch high back, is 9 inches wide, and 7 inches front to back.

2 Lbs. Shipping weight. Buyer pays postage based on Zip Code. We Mail from 61063


Esnarf Item . #6700 Price . . $27.85


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