Kraft Pex ~ Milk – Bank Boost Advertising

 Embossed Tin Rooster Sign

Fantastic Die Cut Chicken Graphics

19 inches high, 14 inches wide, The major letters are embossed. Made before the safety laws concerning sign edges, because this is Die Cut, and Embossed Stamp Pressed! Comprehensive Details, from the top comb and beak to his clawed feet. 4 holes, one in each corner for nailing up. Heavy Duty Tin.

Issued by Kraft for a product line they had in the late 1950’s called Pex. An additive to chicken feed to boost their Milk Bank. Phenomenal Feed & Seed ~ Dairy ~ Chicken Farming Sign. Insignificant Handling & Age Patina ~ No Rust, No dings, No scratches, NEVER USED! Perfect Condition! Authentic Kraft Issued. Heavy. Buyer pays for 2 lbs Priority shipping based on Zip Code.



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