Magic Trick Assortment

Professional Close-Up Pocket Tricks

19 Different Individual Tricks

This Assortment of individually packaged tricks will increase anyone’s repertoire of handy pocket tricks to have ready wherever you are called on to “Do A Trick”. All of them are professional classic pocket tricks that fit easily in your pocket. They all come with instructions and are easily learned and mastered.

This assortment was specially chosen by Colini the Magician who is a retired industrial salesman / Magician who used these tricks to get the customers to warm up to him. The customer will always remember you. The tricks can always be ready to perform and fit easily into your pocket. Each comes with it's own instructions. A little practice and you will fool anyone!

The assortment includes;

1. Trick Coin Bank. The spectator puts a quarter into the slot of a small bank. The magician rattles it so all know it is inside, but when the spectators look in the bank, it is empty.  (3852)

2. Magic Crystal Coin Case. All clear plastic square that holds a coin, similar to a coin collectors display case. The spectator places the coin in the case. Clear plastic covers are placed on each side and held in place with 4 rubber bands. There is no way for the coin to get out. The magician wraps the case in a napkin or hanky, and hands it to a spectator. A few magic words are said, and when the spectator unwraps the case, the coin has vanished! (3872)

3. Magic Pillars. Two small pillars are hinge pined together at one end, and have holes that line up in the other end. They are freely shown to open and close like a pair of scissors. The two holes are lined up, a string is threaded through both holes and pulled back and forth a few times so everyone knows the string is continuous. A knife is slipped down through the slit and cuts the string in half. The pillars are hinged open to see the string is indeed cut. The pillars are hinged back together, a few magic words are said, and the string freely pulls back and forth between the pillars where it was cut! (3878)

4. The Magic Playing Card. A playing card is shown. The magician shows the other side, and it is a different card! He flips it back to the first side and it is a totally different card than he started with. He flips it over again and it is a 4th different card! (3832)

5. Magic Penetration Mirror. A small plastic case with a Clowns head design on both sides and a transparent insert is shown. Take a business card (This is a good trick to give out business cards) and shove it under the clowns face. Take a pen or other pointed object and poke a hole through the clowns mouth and through the business card. Hand the apparatus to the spectator, and he discovers when he tries it, the transparent insert is solid and the clowns mouth has no way to poke a hole through the card. (3827)

6. The Stubborn Ring. A spring and a ring are shown. The ring is placed over the spring, and handed to the spectator. He can not Remove the ring! It is hopelessly entangled. The magician places a hanky or napkin over the set-up and quickly removed the ring from the spring! (3836)

7. The Jumping Pin Trick! A small paddle is shown with three holes in it. A small peg or pin is inserted into the top hole. A quick pass of the hand and the pin is suddenly in the middle hole. It is removed and re-inserted to show it goes completely through the paddle. Suddenly it is in the bottom hole! The magician can make the peg jump from hole to hole! (3858)

8. Magic Tube Capsule. A small piece of silk is wrapped in a dollar bill and placed into a clear cylinder tube. When the dollar is removed the silk has vanished! (3831)

9. Magic Vision Barrel. A small barrel is shown and opened. Inside is another barrel, inside that barrel is a die (Half of a pair of dice is a die). You tell a spectator to place the die into the smaller barrel and remember what number on the die is up. You hand that barrel to another spectator and tell him to place it into the larger barrel. You have no way of knowing what number is “up”. You hold the barrel on top of your head, concentrate real hard and announce the number. The spectators open both barrels and discover the magician is correct. (5995)

10. Magic Signal Paddle. A small paddle is shown with 3 different colored dots on it. With a flip of the wrist, the dots all change to red! Then another flip of the wrist and they are all different colors again. Another flip of the wrist and all the dots are green! Both sides are shown to be the same! A flip of the wrist and both sides are all different colors again! (3833)

11. Magic Levitation Vase. A small vase is shown and a small length of clothesline rope is also shown. The magician places the rope into the vase, says a few magic words, and lifts the rope, and the vase floats up with it! He says a few more magic words, and the vase releases itself. Both the rope and the vase are passed out to the spectators and they can not repeat the effect! (3791)

12. Magic Water Jug. A small jug and an empty glass is shown. The magician pours all the water out of the jug into the glass and sets it down. He explains it is a magic jug invented by a Genie who lived in the desert and it always has water in it. He then proceeds to empty the jug again! He sets it down for a few minutes and again empties it into the glass. He can repeat this several times. (3873)

13. In-N-OuterBox. Two small cube shaped boxes are shown. They are identical sizes, one is black, one is red. They are both cubes. The black one is opened and the red one is placed completely inside it! Then it is removed and the black one is placed completely inside the red one! They are both the same, but they will hold each other. A good table mystery. (3952)

14. Magic Vision Box. A small black box is show. It is opened and a small cube is removed. The cube has a different color on each face. The spectator takes the box out of view and places any color face of the cube “up” and replaces the lid. He hands the closed box back to the magician. The magician holds the box out in front of him and announces the color. He is always right! (3799)

15. Magic Bead Escape. Three large beads are shown, each a different color. They are threaded onto a string. A spectator holds each end of the string. The magician covers the beads with a small cloth hanky or napkin, and changes the orders of the color of the beads! (3885)

16. Magic Coin Paddle. A small paddle is shown. It has concentric rings on both sides. A quarter is pressed into the inner ring and the magician instantly makes it vanish. He shows both sides of the paddle. Then just as quickly, he makes the coin return, and there is a quarter on both sides of the paddle. He then makes a magic pass, and the coin is now back to one quarter on one side of the paddle. (5994)

17. Magic Color Block Escape. A long skinny case with holes in the top and sides is shown. It contains 6 small different colored blocks with a hole through the center of each one. A long pin goes lengthwise through the case and all the holes in the blocks. The magician opens the lid of the case and holds it upside down and slowly withdraws the pin, allowing the blocks to drop one at a time as the pin is removed from it’s hole. A spectator names any two colored blocks. The magician places all the blocks back into the case, inserts the pin through all the holes and replaces the lid. A few magic words, and he removes the lid, leaving the pin completely in through all the blocks and turns the box upside down, WITH THE PIN IN. The two colors the spectator drop right out of the box, the rest remain stuck on the Pin! (3782)

18. Magic String Trick. Two small sticks of wood with holes in the end are shown. They are sewn back and forth with a long string going in and out the holes. A pair of scissors is taken and the string is cut between the wood sticks by the spectator. The magician says a few magic words, and the string is removed in one piece as if it had never been cut. (3886)

19. Invisible Bottle Cap Gimmick. This is a transparent bottle cap that fits an ordinary bottle of soda, It can’t be seen. It has a very small diameter hole in it. The magician secretly places the cap on a bottle of liquid and turns it upside down. Because the hole is so small, no liquid comes out! But the magician can insert wood matches, toothpicks, etc. up into the bottle, still with no liquid spilling out. He secretly removes the invisible lid and passes the bottle around for inspection. (3855)

You get all 19 professional tricks. These are all classic pocket tricks chosen by Colini the Magician You can master them with a little practice. They are ideal for outside salesmen, and others who have to open up to people at a lunch, the office coffee pot, office meeting rooms, wherever. They weigh one Lb. mailing weight. Buyer pays for Priority mailing.

Priced Less Than A Dollar Each!

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