Shaped Like Old Gas Pump

1 Zippo Fuel Dispenser

Tobacco Store Embossed Tin Wall Sign

This Embossed tin sign was issued by Zippo Lighter in the mid 1990's. It was not available to the general public. They were given to Zippo retailers for display purposes. They had a series of 3 different signs. This one has the 1940 Zippo 1 Coin Operated Gas Pump lighter fluid filler prominently embossed in the center, superimposed over an old penny. Its unique die stamped shape and deep embossed highlights feature Zippo's name and the coin operated Zippo Fuel Dispenser shaped like an old style gas pump. You would deposit a penny, hold your lighter under the spigot at the top, and push down on the handle. It would squirt a supply of lighter fluid out of the spigot into your lighter. These machines were commonly found on Cigar Store counters.

They did not make a lot of the signs because they were not meant for public distribution. They were only available to Tobacco, Cigar and Cigarette stores. At the bottom it has Zippo's motto, It Works or We Fix It Free! There is one minor ding along the perimeter on the right hand side, No rust, No scrapes, typical handling patina, otherwise Perfect Unused Condition!  Four small nail holes in the corners for easy mounting. It's not real heavy, but it is 10 inches wide by 14 inches high. Buyer pays for Priority Mailing for 1 Lb. 

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