Plastic Model Kit ~ 1:72

Bristol 192 Belvedere Helicopter

Airfix (French) ~ Moderate Skill Level


This Plastic Model Kit is made by Airfix, a French Company. Unopened, Factory Sealed. It requires a moderate skill level of 3 out of 4, including gluing, etc. The box is 11 inches by 6 Ĺ inches by 2 inches. This Tandem-Rotor helicopter is a scale of 1:72. This is what it says about the Helicopter on the box back;

The Bristol 192 Belvedere first flew in July, 1959, a product of the BristÚl Aeroplane Company. It was the first helicopter in the world with true twin-engine safety; that is, with the ability to fly and land on one engine at any gross weight. It entered RAF service with 66 Squadron in September, 1961, and supported operations in Africa and the far East during the 1960’s. The Belvedere was capable of fulfilling a great variety of service roles: as a transport it could carry up to 6,000 pounds of freight or nearly 22 tons could be slung underneath when used as a flying crane. Seating allowed for eighteen passengers. Alternatively, twelve stretcher cases and two nurses could be carried when used as an ambulance. In the assault role, the Belvedere could carry eighteen fully armed soldiers operating as Sky Cavalry, or twelve paratroopers with all their battle equipment. The Bristol Belvedere is powered by two Napier Gazelle free-turbines, each having emergency power of 1,650 shp.

This plastic kit has 1 lb. mailing weight. Buyer Pays for Priority Mailing depending on Zip Code.



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