Tube Radios 2 Volt Light Bulbs ~ Flashlights ~ Toys ~ Box of 10

 For Old Radio Dial Lights ~ 2 Battery Flashlights ~ Toys & Bicycles

1960’s, screw base small light bulbs. Box of 10.  These bulbs are #F-14, Spot clear, 2 Volt, long life filament. Standard screw base. Ideal for tube Radio dial lamps, and 2 cell flashlights, toys and bicycles. With LED’s taking over, the old screw base incandescent light bulbs are difficult to find. The box contains 10 bulbs safely packaged. We found an unopened sealed box containing a half gross of boxes of 10 in an old Radio Repair Shop. They are rated at 2 volts.  I tried one in an old 2 battery flashlight and they work great at 3 volts as well. Made in Hong Kong. We wrap them carefully and ship them First Class Postal.



Esnarf Item . #5524 Price . . $12.85



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