1960’s Blo-It Plastic Balloon Gunk

Blobo Balloon Store Display Set

72 Tubes of Liquid Plastic and Blow Pipes

You remember this stuff. All the dime stores had it. It is a small tube of sticky elastic plastic gunk that you squeeze out into a little blob, form it around the end of the blow tube, and make your own balloon! Kind of like blowing a bubble with bubblegum except it hardens after exposed to air for a while. The set comes in an unopened Store counter display box with a fold up back marquis. Fantastic graphics of a boy blowing his own Blobo Blo-it plastic balloons. It includes gross of unopened packets, each containing a squeezable tube of the gunk and a small straw pipe to blow it on.

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The tubes have not hardened and you can squish the gunk back and forth in the tube, but I don’t know that after almost a half century on the distributors shelf if they still make balloons. The tubes of gunk are the old fashioned soft metal tubes like a toothpaste tube, perhaps lead.

The illustrated display box has distinctive colorful graphics. It is 7 inches by 5 inches by 1 inches closed, but when you fold out the top back marquis sign it stands 6 inches high. It says, Plastic Toy Blobo Ballon (sic) Make your own Blo-it plastic balloons ~ Blow and create endless different shapes ~ Make bodies, Arms, Legs, Ears and Stick them together to make Funny Figures. Very impressive looking display.  You get it all!  The die cut display box and gross sets of Blobo. We pack it securely and send it U.S. Postal ~ Priority Mail.  Perfect Condition.

Notice :

This item is a genuine vintage toy from an era when there were no safety standards. It probably contains, or is, a choking hazard, and probably includes other features that are not suitable for children to play with. It is not being sold as a toy for a child to play with, but as a genuine vintage collectable item for adults.

Display Box  And  72 Sets of Blobo

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Slightly over 1 Lb. Mailing weight. The Post Office charges for 2 Lbs.

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