6 Flicker Moving Action Pictures

Flicker Picture Ruler

Quality 5 Phase Animated Images

This is one of those pictures that you toggle back and forth and it animates the image. The simple 2 phase ones are like a winking eye, but this has 5 Phase Animation on a 1 foot ruler. Technically it’s called lenticular printing. It has 6 different photos, all with 5 Phase Animation. It creates the illusion of a moving image as it changes from 1 phase to the next.

It’s difficult to capture on a still photo, so you have to imagine the dynamics of these flicker animations. The first frame is a trolley street car moving down the track. The second is a huge semi truck driving down the highway. The third is the space shuttle zooming around the earth and rendezvousing with a satellite. The fourth is a roller coaster in an amusement park with the roller coaster coming toward you down the track and the Ferris wheel spinning. The fifth one is a sports car racing around a bend in the road. And the last one is a train going down the tracks.

Each picture is 2 inches wide by an inch high. If you don’t care about the ruler on the other side, you can easily cut this with scissors into 6 different flicker pictures! Here’s the kicker! We are not just sending you one of these rulers, we are sending you 1 Dozen rulers. You get 12 Rulers, with both metric and English units on one side, and each with 6 action flicker pictures on the other! That’s 72 Flicker pictures all together! Vivid color and exciting action.

You Get 12 Rulers!
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