Hand Held Mechanical Gambling Game

Tin Roulette Wheel

Spring Lever Actuated ~ Glass Cover

This nifty little gambling machine was a popular tavern and bar game in the 1940’s and 50’s. Many a patron would buy the next round based on the outcome. Almost 2 inches in diameter (3 inches counting the start lever), it would easily fit into a pocket. It has a round tin rim of an inch high, and a 2 inch diameter mechanically spinning tin lithographed wheel. The wheel is laid out like a roulette table wheel. It has small indentations in front of red and black numbers located around the outer perimeter. It also has a small steel ball that freely rotates, bounces and jumps from pocket to pocket just like the real thing. Until the wheel is stopped, you don’t know where it will land. The clever geometry of the litho wheel ensures that the ball always ends up in a pocket in front of a number at random.

It is actuated by an ingenious internal mechanism. There is a small lever slightly protruding from the side, a player makes his bet and pushes in and releases the lever. The wheel starts spinning rapidly on its brass pinion rivet, slowly coming to a stop with the ball hopping around ending up in the indentation pocket in front of a red or black number. The payout is then made according to the bet and the house rules. Looks and plays like the casino style wheels with the exception that it has 25 pockets for the ball. It has a clear thin glass cover, roll crimped into place.

Minor surface patina on the lever, otherwise Perfect Condition. Works great!  2 are shown in the photo, they come in red or blue. We try to honor color requests, but we only have a few and can’t guarantee you will get your color. We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.

Esnarf Item . #4850 Price . . $12.85

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