Swiss Warbler Bird Call

1950's ~ Prairie Whistle

Sometimes referred to as The Wonderful Double Throat. It is a small leather and metal Half moon shaped device with a cellophane reed strip that you soak in water, place in your mouth, and hiss air across it with your tongue to make sounds like birds and wild animals. It really works! It comes in a small envelope that has detailed instructions for use. It says, … Any person following these directions we will guarantee they can imitate any bird or animal in a few minutes. This was a popular mail order contraption that was widely advertised in Comic books, sports magazines, etc. in the 1950's. Unused, Perfect Condition.

Esnarf Item #4422 Old  Price . . $2.85 each .   New Price . . . Bundle of 12 for $10.00

We will no longer sell just "One"

Because we are now only selling them in Bundles of a Dozen (12)

For Quantity put in "1", and for price put in $10.00.

You will receive 12 Swiss Warbler Bird Calls for $10.00.


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