Drive In Car Hop Menu

A&W Root Beer Stand

Backlit Car Side Menu Sign Front

This exceptional example of 1950’s and 60’s drive in memorabilia is seldom seen anymore. Nowadays, the restaurants are drive through. Back in the 1950’s they were Drive In. you would park in a stall, usually under a tin roof, with the cars separated by posts topped with this back-lit menu sign face on both sides of it. They had speaker phones, and you would “Call in your order”.

A young girl, sometimes on roller skates would soon be at your car side with a snap on tray, ask you to roll your window up 3 inches and she would set the special designed car tray with your order on it clipped to your window. When you were done eating in your car, the standard signal was to turn on your headlights, and the girl (Called a Car-Hop, because she hopped from car to car) would come out and get your tray and mugs and hopefully a tip. All part of America’s illustrious Drive-In restaurants all but forgotten past.

This translucent A&W menu sign is thick plastic, 2 feet by 1 foot. It has the famous A&W Mug of Root Beer and distinctive photos of hamburgers, onion rings and chili dogs on it, along with a menu list and the prices. It is slightly yellowed by being outside it’s whole life, but the patina only adds to it’s glamour. When deep framed and backlit, they hang on a wall and emit marvelous indirect lighting to any room. They are an extraordinary focal point for 1950’s and 60’s décor. A distinguished relic from a time honored tradition, for the most part no longer in existence. I removed it myself from an old A&W slated for demolition. Now you can hang this genuine notable drive in classic on your wall.

It’s heavy and difficult to package, but we pack it carefully and send it to you Priority Mail, 3 Lbs. Rate depending on zip code.

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