Old Leaping Deer Logo

John Deere

Ball Point Advertising Pens

This is a set of 2 identical pens. You get a pair of them just like in the photo. They are "Click - Click" style ballpoint pens with the John Deere logo and advertising for a dealer on the barrel. The tops are green and the bottoms are yellow with "Deere Green" printing. They Say, Deere Implement ~ Phone OL-20241 adjacent to the "Leaping Deer" Logo that says, John Deere ~ Quality Farm Implements. There is a metal band in the middle. They have dried up a little and you have to scribble with them for a few seconds to get them to work, otherwise, Perfect Condition. You get both pens. You get the pair.  We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.

Esnarf Item . #4035 Price . . $4.85

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