Sneeze Powder & Itch Powder

Classic Prank Practical Joke

These all time classic gags are now obsolete!

These gags have been in existence for over 100 years. They are fine powders that when released into the air, make people sneeze or itch depending on which powder is used. Used on the Three Stooges in ventilation systems and on the Little Rascals as well as many other similar productions. Even Bluto used it on Popeye! These famous practical jokes were unfortunately affected by terrorist events of the last few years. Releasing fine powders into the air near people is now frowned upon. To the best of my knowledge, these products are no longer manufactured.

This lot consists of 2 sealed envelopes, each 2 inches by 3 inches. One contains Sneezing Powder, the other contains Itching Powder. You get the pair. They still are sealed with the powders in them. They are colorful and make a nice framed set. I purchased the entire contents of a novelty and magic trick store that had been closed for years, and this was with it. A real classic example of 20th century tom-foolery. We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.

NOTICE; This is being sold as a vintage novelty item for display purposes only! It is not intended to be used as a prank. Buyer assumes all risk including possible prosecution if it is used.

Esnarf Item #3909 + 3906 Price ~ The pair for $3.85


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