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"Wonder Mouse”

Rubber Mouse Runs Around From Hand to Hand 



This highly detailed rubber mouse looks exactly like the real thing. From it's little snout, whiskers and minute curved ears to it's curved tail, it looks real!


He is 3 inches long. Just like the ones you see running around your house. He is made of soft, grey rubber with highly defined details. Here is a close up.


You control his every move! Look closely at this close up photo: I had to set up extra lights and shoot it several times so you could see the secret. We reveal this one. There are two almost invisible wires attached to the underside of his snout. They are about 6 inches long each. You wrap one around your shirt button, and the other onto another nearby button. Tuck the mouse under the flap of your shirt. Move your hands up in excitement (And snagging the secret wires with your fingers on your way up), make him run around your hands a little mouse, jumping from hand to hand. A little practice and you will be having him look like a real mouse in Your hands.

When you place the palms of your hands under his little belly, you can move your hands about to make it look as if the mouse is crawling around your hands and jumping from hand to hand. If you have a top pocket button on your shirt, and with a little practice, you can make it look as though he JUMPED out of your pocket. You raise your hands in excitement (Snagging the secret wires with your fingers on your way up), He will jump up out of your pocket, jump from hand to hand, run around a little and he runs back into your pocket. make him run around your hands a little while and jump back in your pocket! They will shriek!

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