Unequal ~ Equal Ropes Mystery

Magic Rope Trick

3 Ropes Mysteriously Change Length

This is a striking effect! A very notable pocket trick that they will all remember. It can be performed at a table, parlor or on stage. The magician displays 3 very distinctive ropes, each with colored ends and each a little longer that the preceding rope. He holds them clearly in view and “Strokes” them, and suddenly, they all become the same length! He doubles them back into one hand, drops one set of ends, and they are all, different lengths again! One slow stroke and all are the same. He snaps them out with one hand and once again they are all different lengths.

After the trick you can casually leave them in plain view on the table. They can be freely inspected and there is no “gimmick” to be found, just elegant ropes, all different lengths. Ideal pocket trick, no preparation necessary. A little practice and you become proficient at it once you know the secret. Easy to master. Keep them in your jacket pocket and you are always ready for an after dinner trick.

Quality made ropes that are bound and colored at the ends. This is a remarkably effective trick.

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