Magic Trick Illusion Apparatus

Multiplying Balls

1 Ball Turns Into 4

This is a classic over 150 years old! Performed by Robert Houdin in the 1800’s. Timeless stage or parlor illusion. A magician starts out with one ball. He tosses it from hand to hand, and finally holds it between his thumb and forefinger.

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Then he shakes his hand back and forth ever so slightly and he merely blows on the ball and suddenly, there are two balls between adjacent fingers. He does this uncovered and in plain view. He shows the balls in both hands, then places them back between his fingers. Then, to everyone’s amazement, he shakes his hand back and forth ever so slightly, blows on his hand and POP! a third ball appears between the two balls and his next finger, bringing the total to three balls between his fingers!

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He shows them with both hands, Places them back between his fingers, repeats the magic gesture and now he has 4 balls between all his fingers! An amazing feat with exceptional audience approval. This is regarded as one of the classic magician routines. At this point, some magicians go onto another trick, some reverse the routine, going back to 3 balls the 3 balls the just 1, and the skilled professionals do it with the other hand for a total of 8 balls! Moderate practice is required and some sleight of hand is necessary, but it can be easily mastered by those with moderate skill levels. Ideal routine when combined with a ball vanish like a change bag or some other vanishing apparatus.
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