Magic Trick Apparatus

Quarter Penetration Illusion

Coin Goes Thru Solid Lid into Sealed Box

This is a pocket trick that can be performed anywhere. Ideal for table or close up magic. Can be done surrounded by people. Astounds even the utmost skeptic. Always ready, fits in your jacket pocket. Easily mastered. Here’s the effect.

A small clear plastic box with a tight fitting lid is shown. The magician places it on a table top in clear view of everyone, even when completely surrounded. He borrows a quarter and taps it firmly on the lid of the container, and the quarter appears to completely penetrate the lid and lands inside the sealed box where it can be seen by all. At this point the magician doesn’t even have to touch it. The person whose quarter was borrowed can wrestle the tight fitting lid off and retrieve his own quarter! All can then be freely examined by everyone. They will all try, but only the magician can succeed to penetrate the quarter through the lid. They will examine the apparatus with amazement and not discover it’s secret!

Great trick for a salesman to get his business card into the hands of the customer, because you can even place a solid card on top of the container and pass the quarter through the card and the lid both at once! All uncovered and in plain view! Takes moderate practice, but once mastered it is an extraordinary effect. Made by Royal Magic so you know it’s good!

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