Magic Trick Illusion Apparatus

Solid through Solid

Wood Wand Passes Thru Steel Safety Pin

This is a remarkable pocket trick. Great for table or close-up magic. It consists of a brass plated steel safety pin 3 inches long and a 4 inch long wand about the diameter of a pencil. The wand has a small hole drilled through the side of it. The magician can take the wand and Pass it through the middle of the pin and suddenly Snap. The pin is now passing through the hole in the wand! Done in plain view, not under a hanky or napkin. Amazes the most intelligent of people. All the apparatus can be passed around for examination! It’s simply amazing. Easy to master.

Easy to master pocket trick, always ready to do. Ideal for salesman lunches, ice breakers, etc. It’s a clever illusion. Made by Royal Magic so you know it’s good.

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