Magic Floating Suspension

Chinese Prayer Vase

Magic Trick Floating Illusion

This is an amazing pocket illusion that you can perform anywhere, completely surrounded. It astounds everyone! A 4 inch tall bottle called the Chinese Prayer Vase is shown along with an ordinary 7 inch length of rope. The magician explains that the Chinese Prayer Vase has mystical properties that lets it defy gravity. He inserts the rope into the vase, says a few magic words, and lets go of the vase while still holding the end of the rope. The vase stays suspended on the rope in mid air!

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Then The magician says a few magic words, and removes the rope from the vase. Both the rope and Vase can be handed out to the spectators and freely and totally inspected. It is an empty vase and a normal rope. They try it, and it won’t work. Only the magician has the power to keep the vase suspended in air!

This is a fantastic illusion that fools them all. Simple to master and can be carried in your pocket. No special preparation. Always ready to go. This magic trick has been around for over a century but never fails to amaze even the most intelligent of people. They just can’t figure it out! Great for table, parlor or close up demonstration of your magician skills. Very entertaining. Made by Royal Magic. New, in the box.

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