Turns $1 Bill into a $5 Bill and then a $10 Bill

Magic Money Making Machine

Vintage Adams Trick

This little gem is a real attention getter. It consists of a small frame with two black rollers with knobs on the ends. The performer feeds in a blank piece of paper between the rollers and turns the knob. As the paper is slowly pressed between the rollers, it emerges on the other side as a $1.00 bill! Then he feeds in the $1 bill, slowly turns the rollers and as it goes between the machines rollers it turns into a $5.00 bill. You can even stop half way and see the left side of the $1 and the right side of the $5. Then he feeds it through again and this time it becomes a $10.00 bill!

Then, not wanting to be accused of counterfeiting, he feeds the $10 back through the machine, turns it back into a $5, then feeds that back through and turns it into $1, and feeds that back through the rollers and it emerges a blank piece of paper. This is a 1960’s vintage trick from Adams. Comes in it’s original box. It takes a little practice but is self contained. Works Perfect. Original Unsold Merchandise.

Clever gadget. Interesting pocket trick can be used as an ice breaker at a dinner table or business lunch. We bought out an old Trick and Novelty shop and have lots of unusual and vintage magic items. This item is typical of stuff in the large Dime Store merchandise finds we made. If you like vintage Dime Store and Variety Store stuff, bookmark us. We pack it securely and send it First Class U.S. Postal.

Notice : This item is a genuine vintage item from an era when there were no safety standards. It probably contains, or is, a choking hazard, and probably includes other features that are not suitable for children to play with. It is not being sold as a toy for a child to play with, but as a genuine vintage collectable item for adults.

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