X-Ray Mental Effects

Gimmicked Deck of Cards

This deck enables you to do some really neat card tricks. You hand half the deck to a participant, keep half for yourself, The participant can choose any card from his half, and while your head is turned, place it into your half. You hold the cards to your forehead and immediately reveal the name of the inserted card. Works every time.

With a moderate amount of practice and skill, it is easily mastered. Clever gimmick. Perfect Condition. We bought the contents of an old magic and novelty shop and will be having some real deals on stuff like this. We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.

Notice :

This item is a genuine vintage magic trick that uses a clever gimmick. It is being sold for entertainment purposes only, not to be used for card cheating or gambling.

Esnarf Item #3561 Price . . . $3.85

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