Wriggling Hand ~ Flesh Lifelike

Vintage Gag ~ Mechanical Motorized Prank

This hand is a gruesome prank. It is a stunning authentic looking severed hand, in size, texture and color. Made of a heavy flesh-like latex rubber. It has an internal mechanism that runs on a small motor that makes it wiggle and squirm and look like a fish flopping around. You'll get screams with this one. It has a 32 inch cord to the battery/control box. You can activate it with a switch, or set it so it starts when someone approaches it!

Unused, still in the original box. Over 20 years old. It's from unsold merchandise that we got when we bought out an old magic trick and novelty shop. Perfect Condition. It's heavy, 2 Lbs shipping weight. Buyer pays actual priority mailing of $3.95 to $5.75 depending on Zip code.

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