1950's Northrup, King & Company

Negro with Watermelon

Farm Seed Advertising Post Card

This 1950's Northrup, King & Company post card was sent out by the local seed distributor to let the farmer know that their seed has arrived. The front has phenomenal graphics of a beautiful, young Negro girl, hair in pig tails, holding a large slice of watermelon with a few bites missing, and a smiling, satisfied look on her face. The front says "Satisfaction. Northrup, King & Co.'s Seeds. Minneapolis, Minn. & Berkley, Cal. Henry E. Henke, Jr. Beautiful colors, sharp details!

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On the back it says, The Northrup, King & Co.'s seed you ordered is here. I'll appreciate your calling for it at: Then there are 3 lines labeled Town, Place, Date, and a place for the seed dealer to write in the info. It is rubber stamped with Rochester ~ Main Feed and Seed - At The Depot ~ Any day except Sunday and Thursday. Unused, Perfect Condition! 

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