Vintage Novelty Candy

Secret Message Bubble Gum

2 Packages

Spy gum. Here's a novel idea by Leaf Bubble Gum Company, but it never caught on. Now it's part of chewing gum history. Each stick of gum is specially treated and has a special wrapper that you can write a secret message on that can't be seen. When someone opens up the wrapper, the message magically appears on the gum! The person reads the message and then chews the gum destroying the evidence. We got an old box of it that had been sitting around for quite a few years.

It still looks great, and works well, but the gum is probably stale. We are giving you two unopened packs, you get a pair of them. Perfect Condition. We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.

Esnarf Item #3446 Price . . . $3.85

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