New York Yankees


Popcorn Holder Cone

This Red, White and Blue megaphone cone has exceptional graphics of the N.Y. Yankees emblem along with attractive patriotic stars and stripes. Vendors at Yankee home games used to sell pop corn in them! It holds 1 oz. of Popcorn. When the spectator finishes the popcorn, he removes the bottom disc and it is a megaphone!

See Photo Below

The cone stands 10 inches tall and is 4 inches diameter. It comes with an un-crimped bottom disc. It says, Home of Champions up the side. The small end rim is made of metal. Bright colors, no fading. Extraordinary Yankees collectable. Two are shown in the photo so you can see it both ways. You are getting one. Perfect Unused Condition.  We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal all for $3.25!
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