Popsicle Bag Wrapper ~ 1950's

1950's Popsicle Bag! It describes a Popsicle as A Quiescently Frozen Confection. Remember how they had 2 sticks and you could bust 'em in half and share them with a friend. You had to chase down an Ice Cream Man to get one. The front says, Get Swell Gifts ~ Save Coupon on Back.

The back has a Popsicle Pete Coupon and a description of a premium you could get for Coupons From Polka Dot Bags. It says you can, Get Giant Gift List from your Ice Cream Man. Popsicle was a classic standard for summer consumption, and the Ice Cream Man was a neighborhood legend.

This bag is in Perfect Condition. Two are shown so you can see both sides. You are buying one.

Esnarf Item . #2035 Price . . $5.85


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