1950's Vintage

Colorful Flower Seed Packages

Set of 8

This set of colorful flower seed packets is from Rockford, Illinois. Six are from the R.H. Shumway ~ Seedsman, and two are from the Condon Bros. Seedsmen, Rock River Valley Seed Farm. The fronts each feature highly detailed and colorful graphics of the flowers grown from the seed! Included are Snowball White Aster, Heart of France Red Aster, Blue Gem Aster, California Giants Geranium, Chinese Wool Flower Celosia, Waved & Fringed Petunia, Yellow Petite Marigold, and Tetra Mixed Snapdragon, the Queen of Victorian Gardens!

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The backs have descriptions of the flowers, their favored conditions, and planting instructions. Nice framable set! No Nips, No Tears, No folds, No Fading, Never Filled, Perfect Condition. Your bid takes the entire collection of 8!  We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.
Esnarf Item . #1838 A Price . . $6.85


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