A.B.T. Rifle Sport

1950's Carnival Shooting Gallery

Repair Booklet

This eight page booklet is 8 by 11 inches. Publication by J.F.Frantz for repair parts for the old fashioned Carnival midway style shooting gallery / firing range, invented by Walt Tratch of ABT fame. It had 3 rifles and several tiers of moving targets running back and forth. The guns shot actual steel balls using compressed air. The balls were automatically recovered by the canvas trough, and reloaded into cartridges for the rifles! When you hit a target, it fell over and rang a bell, and you get a prize!

Published in the 1950's, it contains great close ups of the targets and exploded views of the guns showing the individual parts! Also includes parts lists with prices! In the 50's you could get a complete 3 gun and target set-up for less than $2,000! Perfect Condition! Being sold to the highest bidder with no reserve.  We pack it securely and mail it to you First Class U.S. Postal.


Esnarf Item . #1472 Price . . $17.85


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