The Midgetoy Story

As Published in "Collecting Toys" April 1997 Issue

Al Herdklotz died in 2005 ~ Earl Herdklotz died in 2009

The last time they poured Zinc in batches of their later toys was 1978. They poured a small amount in 1982 to use up their limited supply of Zinc. In September of the year 1999, Al & Earl sold all the remaining inventory, packaging, copyrights and design rights to, with the caveat that no more production would ever be made. All the tooling they stored on pallets on the floor, had rusted away in a flooded room in the late 1980's when the roof collapsed during a big rain event, in essence ending the Midgetoy legacy. No further production could ever be made.

eSnarf is marketing the large but sporadic remaining toys of the warehouse and factory inventory. Al and Earl helped during the transition years of 2000 to 2003 to assist eSnarf in sorting and packaging the remaining inventory. They signed a Certificate of authenticity. All the toys were finished and packaged in the Midgetoy factory by Al & Earl Herdklotz with a crew of 2 people. moved all the inventory to their own warehouses. The signed "Certificate of Authenticity" is included with some Midgetoys at the purchasers request.

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